On Set with Canopy - A lesson in Adhesives

I had a great shoot yesterday with Canopy and their new Sensus iPhone case..  The case is an incredible device that allows touch sensitivity on all sides. 

Overall the shoot went smoothly except for one issue - we had difficulty getting our adhesives to hold the phone to the stands.  After using a couple different adhesives,  we ended up using Command Strips. They were strong enough to hold the phone steady without damaging it. This worked great on the back for the first half of the shoot, but the treated glass front of the iPhone proved to be yet another issue. Since we were now filming the back of the case, we couldn't see the phone, just the camera and volume buttons. We tightly wrapped scotch tape around the phone and then put it in the case.  Then we were able to use the Command Strips adhering to the scotch tape instead of the treated glass. This allowed us to mount it to our stands.

As the old saying goes "You learn something new every day" -  Some lessons just take you until 11 at night to learn.

Mark MazurComment